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BugZapper and SafetyBlanket

BugZapper and SafetyBlanket

Available on Steam and github

2020-04-05: v2 Checked with X4 v3; removed smoke effect

Halt for cargo scan ... What a downer when you're just hanging out in space, pursuing happiness, and minding your own business. The BugZapper delivers justice, to the interloping persons from Porlock, in a variety of entertaining ways.

After you've been in one place long enough (180 seconds), the SafetyBlanket will activate. A demonstration victim will be spawned and zapped to test the systems.

When the SafetyBlanket is active, ships that fire on you will get zapped and your shield and hull will be repaired. Ships that order you to halt for scanning will be zapped at any time.

The SafetyBlanket sends you a text notification (lower left corner of the screen) when it turns on and off.

You can be killed even with the SafetyBlanket operating. It is much less likely; it would have to be a one shot kill.

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