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How to Sew a Hooded Towel

Kelba in the hooded towel

Thank yous are in order to our less-than-willing towel models ;)


1 bath size towel

1 handtowel

sewing machine and thread

Hooded Towel Model

How to sew a hooded towel. You will be sewing one handtowel to a bath-sized towel with two easy seams. These towels are great for young children at the beach or to cover the head of baby after a bath.

This size will be a little large for baby, but you will be wrapping them in towel to keep him/her warm anyway, so big is good!

Towel Instructions

Sew along seams as indicated. First fold the handtowel along one long side from the fold to the outer edge. Turn inside out and you will have a triangular shape as seen at the right of the image above. Find the center of the second long side of the handtowel and the center of the bath-sized towel. Sew the handtowel to the middle of one long side of the bath-sized towel.


Depending on your preference, wear with the seams inside or out. For a baby, I'll be using with the seams on the outside.

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