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Knitting pouch / bag / purse to knit quickly

Knitting Pouch or Coffee Cozy.. you choose.

Knitting Pouch, the prototype

The prototype bag

Yarn: You will need about 100 yards of a cotton yarn.
Needle: Size 6 dpns (set of 5)
I used size 6 dpns (5 short needles) on Tahki Cotton classic. I suspect a thinner-than-worsted weight yarn, such as Simply Soft, would work for a less expensive project.

Bottom of Pouch

Start with 6 stitches on 2 dpns, 3 on each needle. Join, and increase in each stitch however you want (I did it k1 in front and back) for five rounds, inserting more needles as you go.
(6x2)=12 x2=24 x2= 48 x2=96 x2=192 stitches in five rounds

Work seed-stitch (k1p1) all around once
Insert stitch marker or piece of waste yarn.

Knit 2, k2tog around twice.

K1 k2tog round once

K1 p1 round once
*I think I did the bottom a little different on the first one(picture), but the second one (this pattern) turned out looking pretty close.*

Body of Pouch

*Make the pouch longer or shorter by changing the number of rounds in the purple lines*

Knit round 4 times, (you'll see stockinette on one side - that is the outside of the pouch)

Knit 2 purl 1 round 3 times (this will make a spiralling purl-stitch pattern) Either continue this for 3 more rounds or reverse the stitch pattern 3 rounds to make "arrows" out of the pattern. I can't tell how I did this - mostly by watching where the purl stitches were ending up.

Knit round 4 times (more stockinette)

Top of Pouch, EYELET

K1 k2tog k1 yarn over repeat to end. This makes the eyelet for the i-cord.

Knit round twice (to stabilize the eyelet layer)

Increase in every stitch for one round (to make the top ruffle, and make binding off more elastic)


Bind off in k1 p1 rib for all but the last three stitches. Make the last three stitches an i-cord long enough to loop up and around your wrist, and back down to the pouch. Graft or sew these last three stitches to the base of the i-cord.

Weave in ends and tails. If you expect to hold jewelry or small items in the pouch, close up the hole in the bottom. If not, leave it there - I think the pattern looks pretty.

Make enough i-cord to go all around the circumference of the pouch (plus four inches) while it is at rest (not drawn up). Thread it through starting with the center at the wrist-loop join. Tie knots at the end of each half of the i-cord so they don't slip through the eyelet.

Knitting Pouch in use

Please use this pattern for your "personal use" only!

*You can make it for gifts and for yourself, you can mail your non-blogging friend a copy.. just please don't sell it, sell the bags or use the pattern to promote kits and products. Thanks!

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