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What's that trackball?

After the new office post, someone asked about the trackball.

Why a trackball at all? I've spent the majority of most every day since before 1990, manipulating a computer. Unlike many who can say that, I can still do so without suffering severe RSI pain. That I have used a good trackball and a good keyboard whenever possible is a big part of the reason for that.

Currently I'm using this:

It is the Elecom "Huge" Index finger trackball, and I LOVE this thing.

I cannot recomend this product highly enough. I'm very particular about how I interface with my computer, and this trackball is the best I have yet used. I'm going to have to buy several more.

The second best is a tie, between the smaller version of the Elecom, (which I bought before the big one, above), and the Microsoft Trackball Explorers, which I grabbed a half dozen of in 1998 and used until they came completely apart.

I can't say that the people paying $500+ prices for the MS Trackball Explorer are wrong to do so. I don't think i'll sell my pile of dead ones until I've gone through them again to see if i can't frankenstien one or two back together for another go round.

I should also mention these Kensingtons: I have provided Rhe and Esme with these for their workstations. They often swap places so it's quite useful to have the same interface on both. I find them workable, but i'd much rather have my big Elecom.