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[Alpha mod] FreeBuilder

Available on github

FreeBuilder - x4f Mod for free station building materials #

This mod watches player owned build storages for new orders, which it magically fills with all needed materials, instantly, and for free.

This is game-breakingly overpowered; but its just the thing for testing and creating scenarios. Especially when combined with my QuickBuilder mod.

Even if you set the "Global Price modifier" all the way to 0; once you add money to the construction funds, the orders for materials go public. It's possible NPC ships (or your traders) will get ware reservations made before the Magic Builder Fairy fulfills wishes. In that case you're stuck waiting for them to deliver.

Changing the station plan when a builder has been ordered to build can cause some confusion and you might wind up with materials needed and no build orders. cancel the build order and re-issue it, may help.

Also see my other x4f work