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Cenotaph Modules

Cenotaph Modules

Available on Steam and github

The NPCs who fly our ships, make our profits, secure our borders, and enforce our Glorious and Justified Will Upon the Galaxy deserve more honor and celebration than the mere logbook entries that currently note their sacrifice.

cenotaph display

Cenotaph Modules produce a memorial light display in the space above the module. Fallen player owned ships (and stations) are memorialized with an "eternal flame" light in a pattern of rings. Crushed foes are marked with a column of smaller, ephemeral lights.

Multiple modules may be built; on as many stations as you wish. Every couple of minutes, one Cenotaph Module will be chosen at random to light its display.

The blueprints are fairly cheap; 100k Cr or so, and building costs are almost trivial. Blueprints are sold by Argon, Antigone, Paranid, HOP, and Teladi representatives. Cenotaph modules are "Defence" modules and appear on that tab in the station building screen.

One light is lit in memory of those who passed before you added the mod / construction accidents / unknown soldiers. Ships that were destroyed before the mod is added to a game are not otherwise counted; however ships destroyed in the time between adding the mod and building a Cenotaph module should be counted and lights shown in their honor.

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