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Computer Shopping

Looking at new computer hardware, the i7 2600k in use now is showing its age. There's those that say its a reasonable CPU still; and for what it is, that's true.

With the new AMD stuff and the new PCIE v4 boards coming out, there's a good window for a cheap, effective upgrade for me.


First thing is to decide on a CPU. These new AMD Ryzens are posting numbers that impress me. From that chart, the Ryzen 5 3600X is the price/performance sweet spot, with the best single thread performance available around $200.

The "plain" 3600 is probably a better deal in absolute terms, at $35 less.

The Ryzen 5 1600 at $85 is a damn good deal; but has less performance

Motherboard #

The market is full of the new "x570" chipset for these; with PCIE v4 and all sorts of features. They're still a full $100+ more than the previous generation, and theres rumors of BIOS problems and all the other teeth cutting issues new gear has.

Further, at this moment I can't convince myself that the PCIE4 stuff is worth the cost. The only way the build I'm currently planning could benefit from it would be to have dual NVM flash drives and stripe them across two NVM channels for a little bit more speed... And that can be done without PCIE4 as easily.

So I've chosen to go with this Asus B450 based motherboard. Asus stuff has served me well in the past and this has all the usual trimmings.

Storage #

The motherboard has 4 slots for RAM, as much as I'd love to go whole hog and stuff it as full as possible; I can afford 32GB.

Use this as a system disk:

Other #

The ancilliary stuff, cases, fans, etc etc I plan to source from my piles of active and inactive hardware.


I'm currently using one of these and plan to swap it over to the new machine:

Monitor #

I want to get another one (at least) of these screens for ladies to use what I'm upgrading out of with. They are resistant to upgrades, tho, and I can't justify it.