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DragonStarts v3.1 - X4 accelerated start options

DragonStarts v3.1 - X4 accelerated start options

Available on Steam and github

  • v3.1 2020-04-15: Gives Split DLC goodies; other improvements

This mod adds 7 several new game starts to X4 Foundations. They allow you to skip progressively more of the beginning phases of the game by providing better ships, money, SETA, and blueprints.

No other mods are required; if the Split DLC and/or Trade Beacons mods are installed parts from them will be included in some of the starts. Should be compatible with other mods / etc.

Instead of directly adding money, you get a number of the most valuable crystals in the inventory at start. That way if you don't want the easy money, you can just dump them and not be tempted.

Using the PHQ (or "Where's the research thingy?") #

You dock at the PHQ, and go talk to the Boron. Take the transporter to the Science Laboratory. This makes the research menu available.

The Starts #

1: Basic #

You start in an Eclipse Vanguard loaded out with MK3 engines, and shields, 4 gatling guns, and the Docking computer MK2. You have 20,000 credits and the SETA. You are located in Argon Prime between the shipyard and highway. The PHQ is near the inactive jump gate, about 100km away from you.

2: Poor #

Basic plus between 10 and 80 of the $250k/ea crystals in your inventory. Enough to start traders working for you.

3: Poor Producer #

Poor plus a good production set of blueprints.

Blueprints are expanded from the basic set to include the "E" large dock, Teladi and Argon Large size storage modules, Argon claim and defence disc, all the biological plants, including illegals, all the basic material refineries, and Teladi shield and Argon turret blueprints to load out the defence discs.

If you have the Split DLC this level and above add the Chelt Meat and Scruffin Fruit plants.

4: Comfy Producer #

Poor Producer, but with between 80 and 200 crystals in inventory. An Albatross builder, well set up. Added blueprints for the ship building modules in S/M, L, and XL sizes.

5: Seedling Magnate #

Comfy Producer set up, plus blueprints for all the intermediate and final production modules. Just the thing to build an independent empire and wipe out the rest of the map.

The production modules are all Argon, "Refined Metals" users instead of Teladi, if that matters.

Between 2,000 and 4,000 crystals in inventory.

6: Rank Cheating #

Seedling Magnate plus: habitat modules (L for TEL/PAR/Split, M habs for ARG), blueprints for a selection of ships and full gear to kit them out. (Includes Trade Beacons if you have that mod installed)

Ship blueprints: + XL: Albatross Vg, Colossus Snt, Teladi resupply + L: Odyseuss Vg, Shuyaku Snt, Helios Vg, paranid gas and mineral miners + M transport: Vulture Snt, Hermes Vg, Demeter Vg, Minotaur Raider + M miner: paranid gas and mineral miners + M fighter: Gorgon Vg, Cerberus Vg, Nemesis Vg, Minotaur Snt + S transport: Tethys Vg + S fighter: Pegasus Vg, Nodan Vg, ANT Pulsar

In addition all the research is already done. Teleport anywhere right from the beginning. This does make the "do any research" mission impossible to complete but thats a moot point.

The map is partially revealed; the sectors and gates are known to player and shown on the map, but you still have to discover stations and so on yourself. Great use for Trade Recon Beacons.

7: Cheating, but without the PHQ #

As it says on the tin, as "Rank Cheating" above, but no PHQ. The PHQ mission should still be available to do in this start.

X: test #

Test platform start, marked in the source for easy user hacking. (Edit md/dragonstartsetup.xml)

All the 'Rank Cheating' stuff, as well as:

  • another builder, and a Shuyaku with a load of ecells, hull parts, and claytronics.
  • open map (know every station/object in the galaxy at start)
  • AdvSats on all gates (but not accelerators)
  • Trade subscriptions to all friendly faction stations
  • several HOP ship blueprints to give your yards income

NOTE: the map is not updated at every game load as with the OpenMap mod, when factions build stations after the game starts, you will have to find out about them normally. Trade subscriptions likewise, anything not there at start, you have to arrange your own.

Also see my other x4f work

v 3.1 chages #

  • if Split DLC installed: adds Split modules & weapons
  • if Trade Beacons installed: add trade beacons & blueprints
  • add more vanilla weapons
  • redid openmap and added reveal_lessmap
  • improved crews (begone pesky mammals)

v 3.0 chages #

  • add all research to cheat and test starts.
  • test with X4 v3.0 release and Split DLC