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Potato Factories

Potato Factories

Available on Steam and github

  • Versions of all production modules in the small Cross model
    • Includes Split Food and Hab, doesn't require Split DLC
    • now with actual Potato Production Modules
  • All modules build fast (60 sec *)
  • Animations, lights, mass traffic stripped
  • compact L and XL habits housing 1,000 and 10,000 workers
  • L and XL (10,000,000 m3) storage modules, plus a universal XL
  • Docks and Ship Fabs
  • Defense and Claim discs; including the Bunker with 3 million HP
  • Blueprints sold widely and without license requirements

PotatoFacoties modules (hereinafter "PTF") are made from the normal station modules found in the game. We've had ignorant monkeys skilled artificers brutally hack off all the animations, advertisements, blinky lights, pretty details, and mass traffic ports.

PTF blueprints are sold by Argon, Antigone, Paranid (PAR and HOP) and Teladi faction Representatives, and require only the Basic license to buy. Once you own PTF blueprints you can build the PTF modules on your stations as normal.

Build Time #

The build time of all the PTF modules is nominally 60 seconds. That depends on the materials being on hand and your builder ship having enough build drones. Longer times are certainly possible without those prerequisites.

Please refer complaints to your builder ship captain or
our Complaints Office: attn Chuck U Farley, 1060 W Addison St,
Chicago IL

Production #

PTF production

First we turned our skilled artificers loose on the Production modules.

There are PTF versions of ALL the familiar reliable production modules. They cost the same (blueprints and build materials), and work the same way as the vanilla modules.

They do, however, build fast, and they all make use of our Potato Compression Technology; which means each module fits into the standard Cross 1 size.

This can allow packing truly ludicrous numbers of production modules into a small space. No more need for awkward and ungainly racks of farm modules taking up large areas with overlapped textures. Neat grey Borg Cubes are the fashion of the future!

There are PTF versions of the Split DLC production modules as well; they can be built without the DLC but will not produce properly. The Habitat however should work.

Due to overwhelming popular demand; there is now an actual Potato factory. Adapting them to the rigors of space required some compromises; they're slightly carnivorous. Otherwise Totally Safe. Trust Us.

Also we offer a "Free Range" variant of the Potato Production module: employing up to 9,000 workers to grow the healthiest, most supple, very bestest potatoes in the galaxy.

Workers who have put in weeks herding space spuds are eager to sign up for shipboard life, and very popular in the bars.

Storage #

PTF storage

For your storage needs, we have produced PTF versions of the normal (Teladi Large) Container, Solid, and Liquid storage modules. As usual they cost about the same as vanilla, and build fast.

There are also "XL" variants of each, that store 10 million m3. This can be game breaking: we advise users to pay careful attention to storage allocations. See also Complaints referenced previously.

If you're short of time, space, or attention, we also offer the PTF Universal XL storage module, which features 10 million m3 of space which can be used to store any Container, Liquid, or Solid goods. We do not recommend allowing the Health and Safety inspectors to see these but they work perfectly fine. Trust Us.

Don't forget to pick up a PTF DroneHome; which is a small module that parks 512 drones. For quicker ship building, defense swarms, or whatever you like. MOAR DRONES == MOAR BETTER

Habitats #

PTF habitats

Using our Potato Compression Technology we have managed to make versions of the the normal S size habitats house 1,000 workers. In addition to housing for Argon, Paranid, and Taladi workers, there's also an Argon habitat adapted for Split inhabitants. Turns out they're fine in there with a bit different plumbing.

Your workers may feel a bit crowded in our normal habitats. If you really need to maximize productivity in the minimum space, or possibly scare the hell out of those complaining, you need look no further than our PTF XL Habitats.

With a capacity of 10,000 workers, hot bunking is the order of the day and claustrophobic need not apply. The Health and Safety people will go berserk at these so you'd better not let any of them leave. Frankly it gets a bit chaotic in there; it's probably better not to know exactly what happens inside or wonder where the missing officials went. Definitely pass on the street vendor sausages.

Defense #

PTF defense

When it comes to places to put turrets, we're ready to serve you. We offer the PTF Defense Disc, which is very much like the standard Argon Defense Disc, with the usual PTF reduced build time.

We also offer the PTF Claim Disc, which asserts sector ownership claim without the space overhead of an Administrative Center, but with all the turrets of a normal Defense Disc. Greet visitors to your new sector with the friendly flash of plasma fire!

For those with more extreme needs, we offer the PTF Bunker, which is a version of the PTF Claim Disc with 3 million Hull points. 5 million Credits for the blueprint may seem steep, but our special Reactive Potato Armor will give your opponent something hard to chew on.

Docks #

We offer PTF 3M6S and 8M docks. They function as normal when it comes to docking and launching ships, but they lack mass traffic and almost all the other ancillary decorations. Like landing lights and NPC connections.

Some of the NPC stuff may require vanilla dock modules to work properly. We advise a minimum of one vanilla dock module, of some sort, per station. This will provide the connection points that some game functions may rely on, and then you can add PTF docks for pure pad space.

PTF docks

Build (Ship Fabricator) #

Finally, our artificers turned their attention to the Ship Fabrication modules; and have created more focused solutions for the construction of smaller ships.

The "PTF Build S" module is a hacked 1M6S dock, which can build up to 6 S size ships at a time. For under 30 million Credits this fine Fabrication Facility blueprint is a steal. Just the tool one needs to bootstrap a small local empire into a galaxy flattening colossus... eventually.

The "PTF Build M" module can build up to 8 size M ships at a time on the repurposed 8M dock module. Available for under 40 million Credits, this Fab combined with the PTF Build S module offer more simultaneous build slots in far less space than the vanilla S/M Ship Fab module.

PTF Build Modules work just like the vanilla build modules, and integrate smoothly with them. You will need a Ship Trader and materials to build ships, just as with vanilla; and more Build Drones on your station will make ships build faster.

Structure #

We offer PTF versions of the Argon Base (1, 2 and 3), Cross and Vertical (1 and 2) modules, as well as the paranid "ring" Cross and "Y" modules.

Blueprint prices and materials for building are the same as the vanilla versions. Build time is reduced.

PTF structures

v2.1: fix missing Split Medical Supply

v2 changes:

  • Now with Icons!
  • removed piers (mass traffic == cargo drones)
  • added XL habs and storage
  • added claim and bunker
  • added build modules
  • added potato production module
  • no longer marked "save breaking"; if you remove the mod, built modules will vanish but the rest of the save is fine
  • Users of v1 will have to re-purchase blueprints. Sorry; its a side effect of fixing the icons.

Also see my other x4f work