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Available on Steam and github

2020-04-03: Tested with X4 v3

Accelerates the build time of station modules. The time taken to build each module is complicated, it depends on how many builder drones are working as well as the availability of materials; and the time estimate shown onscreen may start at ~ 5:00 but a build won't actually take that long.

Note: This accelerates builds for the AI, too; and will cause economic effects because of that. Hull parts become hard to find when they're eaten so fast.

Only the modules in the base game are changed to build faster; any added modules (Split DLC / other mods) will build at their normal rate.

Save safe; a station built with this mod should not change if you remove the mod. Turning it off when you're not building might save your game's economy from serious warpage.

Should work on Windows 7.

You might also find FreeBuilder useful; it fills player owned build storage with whatever it wants as soon as it orders it. No waiting for materials to arrive.

Also see my other x4f work