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Rennovation, Renewal, Relocation: New office

I have spent the last two months building a new office area in our house.

office panorama

With Rhe's business rolling, our shared office space wasn't cutting it, so it was finally time to rehab our basement.

It took two weeks of cleaning and chucking old junk to even get to the point of beginning construction. 10 pick up truck loads. At least a couple tons of 20 year old computers and other stuff.

spud supervises

Spud observed the proceedings closely the whole time, making sure the rest of the hounds didn't interfere.

first wall

I'm especially proud of the floor:

floor assembled

With some careful arrangement of the support structure, this whole thing is a single 25 meter air channel which results in it being a 16hz resonator. With the speakers in place, I have BOOM in my room. Since the floor isn't actually coupled to the rest of the house however, it doesn't spread far outside the room.

floor with tile

Construction took about 2 weeks (as all construction does, apaprently). Moving all my stuff down and and getting everything set back up was another week.

spud approves

The result of all the work. Spud approves, the rest of the hounds still haven't gotten his permission to come lay on the new floor in front of the heater.