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Resident Artist

Resident Artist

Available on Steam and github

NEW in v2: "Paint Whole Fleet" option and Paint Mod sales

Paints player ships when they build.

'ResidentArtist' is a ship Default Order. Assign a ship to a yard or wharf (the 'Home' parameter), and it will dock and watch for any player owned ships to be built at that yard. Then it applies the paint mod it is currently wearing to the new ship.

You do not have to have paint mod wares in inventory for the new ships. If the shipyard is player owned, it will become the ResidentArtist's commander while the order is running.

Only one artist at a time may be resident at a shipyard. Assigning a new artist to a station already served replaces the existing artist (they cancel their order and return to "Hold Position").

Talk to Your Artist #

Opening the Conversation Menu (Comm via menu or any other method) to a pilot running this command gives two new options.

'Sell me Paint Mods' lets you buy any of the paint mods available in the game, to apply to the artist's ship or others.

'Paint Whole Fleet', will (after a confirm) apply the paintmod on the artist's ship to all player owned ships.

2019-09-11 - v 2.1 fixes converation menu collision; only the ResidentArtist will sell you paint mods now, everyone else's conversations should be as normal.

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This project incorporates SirNukes' Lua_Loader API (forum thread) also on github. Thanks to him, @mewosmith and @UniTrader for the assistance in realizing this idea and all the other help too.