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Review: Strawberry Lemon Space Candy

Review: Strawberry Lemon Space Candy

When I purchased the local buds that so enthused me, I also grabbed a jar of one of the other varieties on offer there for comparison. The label says "Industrial Hemp" and that's an honest representation of this product.

This is "Strawberry Lemon Space Candy", the label also states "16.2% CBD" and "State of Origin: Oregon"...

bottle pic

It is slightly over dried, which makes for easy breaking. Reducing this to a fine powder is very easy, and chopping it into a good texture for smoking requires care because you can cut it too fine. Smash it in the jar with a lighter for rolling or packing bowls. There's something to be said for that texture when you're on the move but i don't much care for this.

buds broken

The stem weighed 0.22gm, and that's just what I broke out. The buds still have big chunks of lumber in them, and this stem is not something I'd burn until I'm desperate. And then through a water bong. Its starchy and harsh, even for stem.

The buds are small, and covered in leaf matter, I'm guessing this was trimmed fast wet and hung upside down to dry fast, which clamps those leaves down and laminates them to the rest of the flower.

label says 16.2% cbd

I can't assess the CBD level against the label by any documentable, accurate method; but I frankly do not credit this one. This stuff isn't oily enough to the touch and burns too fast to be that rich. This bud might run 6% to 10%. There is no THC, no buzz, no fog, and frankly not much else either. I need to cough up a frog sometimes, and this doesn't make them hop as smartly as I want.

It has a moderate, pleasant aroma; "strawberry lemon" is a good description. So much so, one could be forgiven for speculating about perfumes, and artificial flavorings... But I think this is natural. The flavor when burnt has none of the harsh undertones to be expected from that.

buds whole

The flavor when smoked is about the only thing i can praise about this. Its mild and light, like a summer sports drink commercial. If I wanted something tasty i might reach for this; but thats not why I'm smoking expensive herb, and for all those uses this stuff falls pretty short.

I wouldn't suggest using this for cooking or extracting; it'll be very easy to process but the result of the same effort with better product will be much more rewarding. "Burns good" is it for this stuff.

I characterize this as base grade commercial. I'll smoke it before I get into the jar of lumber and dirt... Or possibly mixed in with the lumber and dirt and resin to lighten and improve it. There's a use for everything; this product aspires to be filler material. Possibly cat litter.