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Review: Taylored Trichomes Buds

Review: Taylored Trichomes Buds

The other day, I went into a local store and purchased some genuine, locally grown cannabis flower, in a fully legal transaction with a credit card and all the mechanisms of the state and mighty machinery of Data Science in full view. As it were.

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Find them at https://www.facebook.com/TayloredTrichomes/

I did some growing up in Bruceton, TN in the late 1970's, and knew many people then who fervently believed that such a thing would soon be possible. I truly hope some of them have lived to see this glorious day.

Now that I can say so without fear of legal consequence, I am happy to confess a long fascination with and love of the cannabis plant. Specifically, smoking it has made me feel better, since before I realized that I was not actually as healthy as i thought i was. (I'd say don't ask, but i have an answer already written )

Anyway, given the chance, I will be smoking something, whatever i can procure. In the absence of anything else I will smoke the rankest ditchweed, and benefit from it. I know all the grades between "is that a rat turd or a bit of leaf" to some fancy shit that wouldn't sustain combustion by itself.

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This Taylor Trichomes bud is Sexy Nug ditchweed. It's a new experience. This has been expertly and lovingly grown and cured to be a good smoke. This isn't just "dank", this is high grade, but THC free.

They have given it a proper cure, so no "green" chlorophyll flavor. They've almost completely avoided any "hay and straw" flavor which is an accomplishment. It's a cold tobacco type cure I think, not smoked, but I never bothered with curing and kinda like a green flavor. This is a nice mellow tea type flavor that doesn't kick.

The label states "14.5% CBD, no THC" and my gut agrees with that assessment. I'd say they're comfortably understating by a couple points with this particular bud I'm burning. The nature of natural flowers and growing things is variability, so that's to be expected. It could be oilier and stronger; but this is a really good "wet" for smoking and actually using as herbaceous matter.

taylor buds

As "weed", nope, nothing. Utterly useless for getting high. Super high quality ditchweed... There is not a buzz in the brick, but there is the stomach settling, there is the bronchiodialation and irritant effect i need, and that makes it medicinal enough to use and be SUPER glad is legally available.

I haven't done any cooking with it but the flavor is mild enough that it shouldn't need covering like a cat scratching at the spice rack. I've done most of my edibles experiments with various grades of stovetop distillates and never worried about flavor, as long as i had enough ginger to cover it with. I have produced failures the dogs refused to eat that way... Always learning!

The texture is good, it breaks easy and clean off the small amount of stem. No seeds. No sun leaves and very little, almost none of the little leaf left. Beyond tight trim, they took the time to let the plant use them up.

Preparing this for extraction or cooking (or smoking) is much easier than some of the tight packed brick we've all broken grinders, scissors, and fingers on. The buds aren't too tight to burn without grinding; but I prefer to mill my bud down fine anyway.

The label states "3.5gm" and I did not put it on scales before beginning to consume it, but my "hand swing" said it felt like a fat eighth so I'm confident that was the minimum they're putting in a jar. I did weigh the stem at 0.12gm., but this is not "lumber" and I will burn it without hesitation at some point.

taylor buds

In summary, this isn't just an excellent, pleasant bud to smoke. This is a worthy example of a product that has been expertly crafted with skill, and love. Every detail shows consideration, and with live plants, there are so many details. This is a classic crop.