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WeTweak (tm) Workforce Enhancement Facilities are Production modules that you build on to a station. Taking advantage of the "gig economy" and providing special refreshments (FireIce), a WeTweak module's workers can more than double the production efficiency of the entire station, as well as increasing the rate of population growth. Build several for even more profit!

Tweaked workers reproduce a bit more and work harder, but there is a slightly raised accident rate which occasionally results in some loss of product or employee. Statistic-tactically it all works out so no worries!

WeTweak Worker Enhancement Facility #

This module employs up to 900 workers, consumes FireIce, and produces Engine Parts. It costs ~10 million Cr for the blueprint, and when producing gives a Production and Breeding bonus once each 15min cycle. Multiple modules may be added to a station and will each add their bonus and chance of accidents.

NOTE this module appears under "Engine Parts" in the station's "Logical Overview" screen. Don't know why or how, but the tweakers always seem to be producing a few of them from somewhere.

Blue Methane Clathrate Production #

This module produces the FireIce that plants crave. One FireIce production module should be able to support several (4+) WeTweak Facility modules. The blueprint costs about ~20 million Cr and the module is rather heavy on building materials as well.

FireIce is rather complicated to produce, requiring Energy Cells, Methane, Ice, Spacefuel, Spices, and a few Claytronics to make each batch. It's worth it: a little goes a long way. Motivates your workers even better than stock option scams!

Bonus calculation #

When a WeTweak Facility production cycle finishes, a Breeding Bonus and a Production Bonus are calculated and applied to the station.

The Breeding Bonus will, for each race housed on the station, have a 17% chance of increasing the population of that race by some amount between 0.5% and 10%. Then there's a 4% chance of killing between 0.1% and 10% of that race population (sometimes there's a bad batch). No more workers will be added than can be housed; but this will push a station population past the "optimum" number the vanilla game tries to maintain.

The Production Bonus is calculated based on the estimated production of every "product" ware the station makes (including intermediate products). Modules have to be actually producing to add to the potential bonus. Tweaked workers overdrive the machines but there still has to be some input material.

That amount (for each ware for which the storage is not full) is multiplied by a random factor, usually near 0.8 to 1.0 but as high as 4.2 or as low as 0.1 depending on the whims of the RNG. The result is scaled by the amount of workforce the station has: no workers == no bonus, extra workers == a multiplier over 1.0 (which makes those extra workers handy).

This bonus amount (for each ware) is then usually added to the station. If the "Accident" roll happens, however, it is removed. The base 2% chance of accident is multiplied by 3.2 with each module on the station. A station with one WeTweak module will expect about a 6% accident rate, while a station with 10 modules would expect closer to a 60% accident rate.

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