• By endorsing Trump, Elon Musk is gambling with Tesla’s future - The Verge

  • Elon Musk Accused of Election Interference by Blocking Kamala Harris Followers on X

    Following Kamala Harris’s presidential campaign announcement, users on Elon Musk’s platform, X (formerly Twitter), discovered they were unable to follow the vice president’s political campaign account. Attempts to follow @KamalaHQ, Harris’s official rapid response page, resulted in an error message stating “something went wrong” or that users had reached their follow limit, preventing them from following any more accounts. Musk responded by posting a screenshot of the error message accompanied by a gloating remark: “Sure did.” The use of follow limits typically prevents spam, but in this case, it appears the restriction is specifically targeting the Harris campaign account, rather than the users themselves.

    When users went to follow @KamalaHQ, the official rapid response page for Harris’s campaign, they were greeted with a message that said they had reached their “limit” and could not follow any more accounts at this time. This message usually is deployed to prevent spam or “rate limiting,” for instance if one account is following hundreds of others. But it seems that the Harris account is the one being limited, rather than the users’. An initial search for KamalaHQ on The New Republic’s X account also found that the campaign account is limited. The campaign account showed up in repeated subsequent searches, seeming to suggest the issue is being resolved.

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  • The CrowdStrike Failure Was a Warning - The Atlantic

  • Global IT outage shows dangers of cashless society, campaigners say.

  • The CrowdStrike Incident

    Also, your AI safety plan needs to take into account that this was the level of security mindset and caution at CrowdStrike, despite CrowdStrike having this level of access and being explicitly in the security mindset business, and that they were given this level of access to billions of computers, and that their stock was only down 11% on the day so they probably keep most of that access and we aren’t going to fine them out of existence either.

  • Crashes and Competition – Stratechery by Ben Thompson

    The real issue, though, is more fundamental: erroneous configuration files in userspace crash a program, but they don’t crash the computer; CrowdStrike, though, doesn’t run in userspace: it runs in kernel space, which means its bugs crash the entire computer — 8 million of them, according to Microsoft. Apple and Linux were not impacted, for a very obvious reason: both have long since locked out 3rd-party software from kernel space. Microsoft, though, despite having tried to do just that in the 2000s, has its hands tied; from the Wall Street Journal:

    A Microsoft spokesman said it cannot legally wall off its operating system in the same way Apple does because of an understanding it reached with the European Commission following a complaint. In 2009, Microsoft agreed it would give makers of security software the same level of access to Windows that Microsoft gets.

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  • Gnome Ousts Elected Board Member in Secret and Tells Nobody for 2 Months

    If I were a voting member of the GNOME Foundation, I would find this all deeply troubling. If the GNOME Foundation can get rid of undesirable board members -- 100% in secret, without ever giving justification... and not even telling GNOME voters that they did it for multiple months -- then that means GNOME Members have absolutely no power within the Foundation. Their votes simply do not matter.

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  • First congressional Democrat calls for Secret Service director to resign.

  • Rent control is not the answer

    I don’t know exactly how this idea came together, but looking at the outputs, it seems like the kind of thing that happens when someone says, “Let’s do rent control!” and then a bunch of people who know that rent control is a bad idea craft a policy that is so limited across so many dimensions that it won’t actually do any harm. But this then leaves you with the question of why the White House would want to court the impression that their housing policy is being designed by leftist ideologues, when in fact it’s run by smart supply-siders.

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  • Democratic donors express early elation at Harris’ potential ascension | CNN Politics

    After weeks of turmoil over the future of the Democratic ticket, Kessler said the campaign donors he’s courted as a bundler for Biden’s campaign are turning their full attention to Harris and committing to work on her behalf. “They’re really excited, and they are all in,” he said. Matt Gorman, a longtime Democratic fundraiser, told CNN, “My phone’s been ringing off the hook.” Gorman said that while he deeply respects Biden, he feels it’s “incumbent” upon him to support the decision that’s been made and “back up Harris.”

  • Harris: 'We are deeply grateful' for Biden's service - POLITICO

    In her first remarks since Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 race and endorsed her, Vice President Kamala Harris praised the president’s “unmatched” legacy. “In one term, he has already surpassed the legacy of most presidents who served two terms in office,” Harris said. She praised him for his “honesty, his integrity, his commitment to his faith and his family, his big heart and his deep love of the country,” and said “we are deeply grateful for his service to the nation.” Harris spoke on the South Lawn of the White House for a celebration of NCAA championship teams, filling in for Biden as he recovers from Covid.

  • Buttigieg endorses Harris as Dems privately float him for VP - Live Updates - POLITICO

    By Sunday, Buttigieg was trending as a possible running mate for Harris. “Any convo about the ticket has to include someone like Pete,” said a former Biden White House official. “The Vance takedown video from Friday is exhibit A of how he is our party’s best communicator. He also has the background and experience it takes and was vetted in the 2020 race.” One of the most scrutinized relational dynamics of the Biden administration has been Harris’ relationship with the transportation secretary. Buttigieg helped Harris prepare for her vice presidential debate in 2020 against his fellow Midwesterner Mike Pence.

  • In Silicon Valley, Democrats Are Invigorated by Biden’s Withdrawal - The New York Times

    that reluctance to speak up changed when Mr. Biden announced on Sunday that he would drop out of the presidential race, paving the way for a new Democratic ticket. Across the tech industry, the floodgates immediately reopened. “People are fired up,” said Nihal Mehta, an investor at Eniac Ventures, a New York venture capital firm, pointing to an outpouring of excitement online and in group chats around the industry. Tech executives and investors said they were invigorated by the change. “It’s democracy time, people,” Roy Bahat, an investor at Bloomberg Beta, posted on LinkedIn. Aaron Levie, the chief executive of Box, a cloud storage company, wrote on X that Mr. Biden had shown “amazing leadership,” adding, “Now let’s go!”

  • Harris Gets Boost From Pelosi in White House Bid.

  • So Just Literally No Democratic Process From the Democrats.

    No one is going to defend democracy on its own terms, let alone as a means to choose the actual most popular candidate. The party is a joke and media coverage of the party is a joke, and no one within either is going to spoil the fun by pointing any of this out. I hope to God Trump doesn’t win, but the Democrats deserve to lose. They richly, richly deserve to lose. And since I’m hoping to God that Harris wins, I’m also necessarily hoping to God that the party never has any reason to question its destructive addiction to elite rule. When will Democratic voters actually get to determine the direction of their party, the way those lunatics in the GOP actually determine the direction of theirs? Probably never.

  • Kamala Harris encourages crowd to applaud Biden in awkward first remarks on president’s retirement: ‘You may clap.’

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  • US Navy aviator scores first air-to-air victory by American female fighter pilot | CNN

    A US Navy fighter pilot has become the first American woman to score a victory in air-to-air combat, the service has revealed. The female pilot, who was not named in the Navy release, was flying an F/A-18 Super Hornet off the aircraft carrier USS Dwight D Eisenhower as part of Strike Fighter Squadron 32, nicknamed the “Flying Swordsmen.” The aerial victory came against a one-way Houthi attack drone, one of dozens the Yemen-based group has deployed against civilian merchant ships in the Red Sea and nearby waters in reaction to the destruction in Gaza during Israel’s war against Hamas, a release from Carrier Strike Group 2 said. The Swordsmen, one of four strike fighter squadrons that deployed on the Eisenhower, fired more than 20 air-to-air missiles against the Houthi drones during those missions, the Navy said. “During one mission, VFA-32 became home to the first American female pilot to engage and kill an air-to-air contact,” it said. The Eisenhower-led carrier strike group returned to US bases on July 14 after a nine-month deployment, an exceptionally lengthy deployment for a carrier. Normal deployments last about six to eight months.


  • Volt Typhoon was a false flag inside job conspiracy: China • The Register

    China has wildly claimed the Volt Typhoon gang, which Five Eyes nations accuse of being a Beijing-backed attacker that targets critical infrastructure, was in fact made up by the US intelligence community. The nation's National Computer Virus Emergency Response Center, National Engineering Laboratory for Computer Virus Prevention Technology, and infosec vendor 360 Digital Security Group last week published a report [PDF] on Vault Typhoon titled "Lie to me: A secret Disinformation Campaign targeting US Congress and Taxpayers conducted by US Government agencies."

    That title probably tells you plenty of what you need to know about the report, which goes on to claim that everything you have read about Volt Typhoon is the result of a misinformation campaign planned and executed by the NSA, the FBI, and the Departments of Justice, Defense, Homeland Security, and Energy.

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  • Two dead in multistate listeria outbreak linked with sliced deli meat, CDC says

    Two people have died, the agency said in an investigation notice, and at least 28 have had to be hospitalized. However, the CDC says the true number of people who are sick is probably higher than what’s been reported because some may have had a milder form of the illness and not been tested for listeria. There’s also a lag time between when an illness happens and when scientists can connect it with an ongoing investigation. Seven illnesses have been reported in New York; six in Maryland; two each in Georgia, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey and Virginia; and one each in Illinois, Minnesota, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin. The deaths were reported in Illinois and New Jersey.

    Of the 18 people whom state and local public health experts were able to interview, 16 reported eating meats sliced at a deli in the month before they got sick. There are no reports of people getting sick after eating packaged deli meat. It’s not exactly clear what meat is to blame for the listeria in this outbreak, the CDC says. The CDC and the US Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service are investigating, but no recalls have been issued.

  • California medical group treats only homeless patients and makes money

  • You are probably sitting down for too long