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  • (2015) Lies, Damn Lies, and Wikipedia | OS/2 Museum

    Even now the 486SX article contains demonstrably incorrect claims such as this:

    The FPU upgrade device was shipped as the i487, which was a full blown i486DX chip with an extra pin. The i487 was installed in an upgrade socket and the extra pin was either a power or ground pin that indicated that the i487 was installed. That signal was used to disable the i486SX when the i487 was installed.

    Well, no—there is an extra pin, but it has no electrical function whatsoever. It merely prevents the chip from being installed incorrectly. And there is a pin (NC#) indicating that an upgrade processor is present designed to “shut off” the original CPU, but it is one of the standard 168 pins. The text conflates facts and turns them into a falsehood. The pins are publicly documented in Intel datasheets and it’s not so hard to find the actual information.

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