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  • What is Free Speech For? - by Edward Feser

    Where moral and political discourse has effectively degenerated into a war of competing intuitions and sentiments, the remedy is to take things back to first principles. We need to ask exactly why it is that human beings can be said to have any rights at all in the first place. That will afford a way of determining whether there is such a thing as a right to free speech, specifically, and if so what its scope and limits are.

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  • Denying the little god of free will: the next step for atheists?

  • Bad Language

    Cambridge University Hospital Trust under scrutiny for using the word in maternity leave policies, losing points in NHS diversity assessment.

    One might think that the employees having babies and therefore on maternity leave are, in fact, by definition, mothers. One might even think that a hospital, and a maternity hospital in particular, is a place where physical realities of this kind would be difficult to avoid. And yet.

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  • The Startling Evidence on Learning Loss Is In

    The news organization needs to go so many steps further than this op-ed.They need to apologize for their untruthful, damaging reporting which gave cover to government leaders in refusing to open schools and teachers’ unions in refusing to return their members to the classroom.

    They need to apologize for smearing those of us who challenged. We didn’t just suffer reputational harm and hurt feelings. We lost friends, our communities, our jobs in some cases. And, our voices were not part of the necessary societal discussion that needed to happen but didn’t. Because The New York Times presented one viewpoint — kids are at terrible risk and schools need to stay closed — as the undisputed “science.” As inarguable fact. Anyone who dissented was clearly an insane, alt-right, flat-earther lunatic.

  • New college grads are more likely to be unemployed in today's job market

  • Study of psychedelics' influence on art, history and human existence

    On November 15, the University of California, Berkeley and Harvard University announced a new, collaborative initiative that will expand psychedelic research across the arts, humanities and social sciences. Called “Psychedelics in Society and Culture,” the joint effort between the nation’s foremost public and private universities will foster new ways of thinking and partnering to answer some of the most pressing and intriguing questions surrounding psychedelics and society.

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  • Where did Starship fragments end up after its in-flight destruction?

    I modelled results for a number of masses, ranging from 0.1 kg to 50 kg, and with a fixed drag surface of 1 m2 for each fragment irrespective of mass. This is not very realistic by the way, but sufficient for a general idea nevertheless. Another deviation from reality is that there was no further mass loss (e.g. because of ablation upon reentry) of the debris pieces in the model. So, this is a bit a case of a proverbial "spherical cow reentering" (but not in a vacuum: the MSISE90 model atmosphere was used to model atmospheric drag).

  • Which Presidents Have Seen UFOs? Yep, It's More Than One

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  • “Ukraine Sure Doesn’t Look Like a Democracy Anymore,”

    Then in May of 2022, the Ukrainian parliament passed a law formally banning all these parties. President Volodymyr Zelensky signed the law. The list included the Opposition Platform for Life, which had held fully 10 percent of the seats in parliament. Among the 11 banned parties are the Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Progressive Socialist Party of the Ukraine, the Union of Left Forces, and the Communist Party of Ukraine.

    Democracies do not ban elections, but Ukraine has put the democratic process itself on hold since declaring martial law in 2022. This hiatus was supposed to be temporary, but it has been repeatedly extended, most recently in July 2023. As a result of that vote in the Ukrainian parliament, where all opposition parties have been removed, the parliamentary elections scheduled for last month were canceled. Presidential elections were scheduled for March 2024, but under current rules they too will not be held,

  • Ukraine war: The Russians snitching on colleagues and strangers

  • The Invisible War in Ukraine Being Fought over Radio Waves