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  • Book Stores Refuse to Host an Event for My Book

    Three different authors and one person in the publishing industry disclosed to me that it’s highly likely that my book is too polarizing or controversial for bookstores to be willing to host an event for me. Another suggested it’s because of my connection with Jordan Peterson, whose unflinching advice was instrumental in my determination to get a PhD in psychology.

    If you grow up poor and aren’t willing to pledge fealty to the right causes, these places don’t want you. If you grew up poor, remake your fortunes, and then speak truthfully about the factors that fuel success (hard work, determination, sacrifice) rather than the factors elites speak about (luck, systemic forces, privilege), then these places don’t want you.

  • WEF to plan response to whatever big pandemic is next

    While it's good news that staying ahead of Disease X may be doable, "The less good news is that it will take a lot of international cooperation and resources," Kelland earlier warned. That might be difficult, but it's happened before - even amid a tense international climate like the one we have now.

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  • Trusting the science might work if there were actual science involved

    One group of scholars even retracted their own paper, not because it was scientifically flawed, but because it was being cited by conservatives in ways the authors didn’t approve of.

  • House of Horrors: An exclusive in-depth exposé of the illegal California biolab.

    This crazy story got even crazier when the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) said there was no sign the lab was illegally in possession of the materials or had select agents or toxins that could be used as bioweapons. “CDC has taken no further action in this matter,” the agency said in an email to The Associated Press, referring further questions to county and state officials. (Apparently the CDC deems it completely legal for illegal labs operating without building permits, licenses or laboratory certification to dump toxic biohazard waste into regular waste bins and to experiment on highly infectious bacteria and viruses that can be transformed bioweapons. Who knew?)

    The Select Committee on Strategic Competition between the United States and the Chinese Communist Party published its investigative report on this most peculiar affair on Nov 15, 2023. According to this report, not only did the lab have specimens of infectious agents, but there were bags labeled "MDMA," “cocaine,” “methamphetamine,” and “THC,” a finding conspicuously missing from mainstream news reporting.

    When it came time for local officials to start dismantling the Reedley lab, they set about to review every freezer for evidence of potential pathogens that they needed to destroy. While doing so, local officials and contractors reported that they found a freezer labeled “Ebola” with silver sealed bags inside. They wrote to the CDC “when you are going through and looking for select agents, do the containers need to be labeled individually with what is in it to count as one? We are doing the abatement here in Reedley and a fridge [freezer] had a label on it and one of the words in English was Ebola,” while noting that the containers within were not expressly labeled “Ebola.” The CDC official responded by stating, “Yes, we would typically look for the vial to be labeled as Ebola” and noted that they did not recall seeing the Ebola label. He did not cite any CDC policy when making this pronouncement. You’d think the country’s foremost public health agency would’ve leapt to action at the mere possibility of Ebola virus being handled at an illegal unlicensed lab instead of coming up with the harebrained notion that unlabeled bags were unworthy of their consideration.

  • Nutritional acquired immunodeficiency (N-AIDS) is the leading driver of the tuberculosis pandemic

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