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  • Self-driving semi-trucks are coming to America's highways (Archive)

    Alarmed by the slow pace of federal regulation, labor and safety advocates are pushing legislation in several states to ban driverless trucks outright. So far, the effort has been unsuccessful. The California legislature approved a measure last year that would have required human operators in all autonomous trucks, but Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) vetoed it, calling it “unnecessary” in light of state regulations that already ban autonomous vehicles over 10,000 pounds.


  • Dan Lynch Has Died (SRI, Arpanet, Internet) | Hacker News

  • Israeli tech entrepreneurs die in California plane crash

    A couple from Israel who made a name for themselves as well as a fortune in the tech industry were killed after their plane crashed in a California town near the Nevada border on Saturday night, according to officials and reports. Identified by Israeli media as former professional soccer player Liron Petrushka and Naomi Petrushka, the married couple had been living in California over the last few years. They were attempting to land at Truckee Tahoe airport shortly after 6.30pm on Saturday when their plane crashed and they died.

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  • Ask HN: How bad is the xz hack? | Hacker News

  • xz: A Microcosm of the interactions in Open Source projects

  • (2019) The Original Sin of Free Software

    The ideal of the developer as an individual is hard-coded into the DNA of the Free Software Movement and its various children. There are various reasons for this; Stallman’s original tracts, for example, idealise his struggles with the collapse of the “social club” of MIT’s AI Lab and emphasise his private struggles against the loss of his community, these experiences are the cornerstone of his personal identity. Bruce Perens, father of the Debian Project, holds to the peculiar American cult of the Individualist Libertarian, as does Eric Raymond, the programmer/chronicler who devised the Open Source concept with Perens in the late 1990s - free software without the freedom.

    It is important to remember that the American version of Libertarianism, as espoused by Ayn Rand and her ideologues, is nothing to do with the Franco-European tradition of libertarianism, a spectrum of leftist anarchism running from Babeuf through Déjacque to Faure. American Libertarianism should more accurately be described as “anarchist-capitalism”, a strain of pseudo-political thought which idolises the popular concept of the Old West as a high-point of western civilisation, when men were men and justice as dispensed from the barrel of a gun.

  • Fast and concise probabilistic filters in Python – Daniel Lemire's blog

  • Microsoft Helping Out in Making the Linux Kernel Language More Inclusive

    For the most part the terminology within the code and code comments is adjusted from master and slave to instead using controller and target (or client). But even to these patches some questions were raised as the industry specifications tend to refer to the new controller/target terminology as opposed to client as is used in most of these new kernel patches. Among upstream kernel developers there is apparently not a clear consensus yet on settling between client and target.

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  • Cocoa prices rise to fresh records: Will we run out of chocolate?

    Cocoa prices briefly surged to all-time highs on Tuesday, touching over $10,000 (€9,234.3) per ton, before settling back at $9,622 per ton on Wednesday morning, following disappointing harvests in key cocoa-producing countries such as Ghana and Ivory Coast. The crop also saw a 19.8% gain in the past week, as well as a 42.4% rise this month. In the past year, cocoa prices have jumped about 231%.

  • Fired Americans Say Indian Firm Gave Their Jobs to H-1B Visa Holders

    Since late December, at least 22 workers have filed complaints with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission against TCS, whose clients have included dozens of the U.S.’s biggest firms. The American former TCS employees are Caucasians, Asian-Americans and Hispanic Americans ranging in age from their 40s to their 60s and living in more than a dozen U.S. states. Many have master’s of business administration or other advanced degrees, according to the complaints, which were reviewed by The Wall Street Journal.

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  • As Space Threats Mount, U.S. Lags in Protecting GPS Services - The New York Times

    Global positioning satellites serve as clocks in the sky, and their signals have become fundamental to the global economy — as essential for telecommunications, 911 services and financial exchanges as they are for drivers and lost pedestrians. But those services are increasingly vulnerable as space is rapidly militarized and satellite signals are attacked on Earth. Yet, unlike China, the United States does not have a Plan B for civilians should those signals get knocked out in space or on land.


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  • Climate change is delaying world clocks' need for a 'negative leap second'

    here's where things get a bit weird. Human-induced climate change actually acts to slow down the planet's rotation, Agnew says, because when ice melts at the poles, the planet gets a bit more oblong — wider at the equators — and less spherical. That means Earth spins a little slower, like when an ice skater holds their arms out, rather than pulling them in.