• Why Are Pickup Trucks Ridiculously Huge? Blame Government.

  • Why drug history? - by Benjamin Breen - Res Obscura

    There’s something distinctly polarized and polarizing about drugs. Few terms in common use have such a wide spectrum of legal and cultural associations: there are drug dealers and drug stores, miracle drugs and drug addicts. This is why the term itself is almost impossible to define. It’s not a technical term at all. It’s an ever shifting and highly charged cloud of a society’s most persistent preoccupations.

  • Red Pills and Pink Diapers - by Bruce Majors

    He said he had been driven from the left by its “pathologizing being white” and by his experience working for a Democrat campaign consulting group that had him surveying Hispanic voters in Maryland and then ignored the findings (Hispanic voters want more police!). My fairweather friend’s pink diaper baby has been red pilled.


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  • Vaccine Induced Social Amnesia

    As David Wallace-Wells explains, (in NYT) vaccination rates are still 90%+ and down only slightly but measles is so infectious that even amid an otherwise well-vaccinated population, it can sometimes find pockets of low vaccination populations and spread like wildfire.

    • "pockets of low vaccination populations" ... like immigrants who are not being held to the same standards as the rest of the society that surround them?
  • Let’s bring back the remarkable gift of wearing a mask | The Spinoff

    During the lockdowns, the Ardern government missed its chance to get everyone to embrace masks for what they are: a fucking godsend and literal lifesaver. We made a mistake in framing masking as a dreary obligation to others, when in reality it’s a nigh-miraculous gift to yourself. To have the air (including outdoors, I’m sorry to say) hung with immunity-destroying poison and to remain uninfected, to be able to go about your daily life with a few adjustments and stay healthy. You don’t have to like yourself to remember that doing the things you love – going for a run, visiting your niece, retaining the brainpower to make art — is something deeply worth protecting.

  • Deer Are Beta-Testing a Nightmare Disease

  • FDA devastation during the pandemic - a review

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  • How much bigger could Earth be before rockets wouldn't work?

    Up above 10g, something really interesting happens that is kind of a theoretical limit. The mass of the rocket reaches a measurable fraction of the mass of the entire planet it's launching from. At 10.3g, rocket mass is 0.035 of the mass of the planet. 10.4g, rocket mass is one fifth of the mass of the planet. This doesn't actually alter the ∆v requirement -- we're going into orbit around the rocket/planet barycenter! At 10.47g, the rocket is the planet, and we're... just... chewing it up entirely, pulverizing it in a dust cloud expanding at 4km/s.

  • Humanity has much to learn from the Voyager probes • The Register

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