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  • MyPillow Guy Launches MyStore, the Amazon from Hell

    Over the past few days, Lindell has been on a media tour (mostly on extremist podcasts and his own video platforms) to promote a new eCommerce website called MyStore. Lindell calls it a “mini-Amazon” for “patriots” where “entrepreneurs” can sell their goods without being “copied by China.”

  • Trump 'encourages' Russia to attack NATO states not paying 'bills'

  • Treasury Responds: (PDF) Financial Surveillance in the aftermath of January 6

    No one specific word or transaction code included in these typologies was designed to be used in isolation to “flag” or “target” any individuals.

    For example, a document distributed on January 15, 2021 suggested that banks could review payment messages for indications that an individual participated in the assault on the Capitol and included terms such as “antifa,” “MAGA,” “Trump,” “Biden,” “Kamala,” “Schumer,” and “Pelosi,” along with terms indicating an intent to do violence, such as “shoot,” “kill,” “murder” and “storm the Capitol.” We understand that FinCEN convened these Exchange events starting under the prior Administration and continuing until approximately mid-February 2021. During this time period, law enforcement was actively investigating the January 6 Capitol attack and was also concerned about efforts to disrupt or threaten the upcoming presidential Inauguration.

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  • Rarely is the Question Asked: Is Our Children Learning?—Asterisk

    In 1899, the U.S. commissioner of education, William T. Harris, said exactly this. He wished U.S. schools had the "appearance of a machine," one where the goal was to teach students “to behave in an orderly manner, to stay in his own place, and not get in the way of others." At that time, emphasis was considerably more on the “dutiful” part of “dutiful citizens.” Developing-country schools are trying to achieve much the same ends. Students learn to memorize, to obey, and to not question — but they do not particularly learn to read or write. But then again, that was never the goal — developing countries are following the path trod on by developed countries. Just like developed countries, they will try to “teach ordinary people obedience, respect for the law, [and] love of order.

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  • Germany's Days as an Industrial Superpower Are Coming to an End

  • Ireland is fast becoming Europe's nastiest nation

  • Farmers' protests have erupted across Europe. Here's why

    Farming makes up just 1.4% of the European Union’s GDP, the latest figures show, but protests in Eastern Europe last year over cheap Ukrainian imports – which saw lengthy blockades at border crossings – show how farmers as a group are capable of causing major disruption. Both national governments and the EU are now under pressure to quell the fresh demonstrations.

    Climate change is aggravating the situation in different ways. Extreme weather events such as wildfires and droughts are increasingly affecting production.

    Anger has also been directed at Brussels over the EU’s environmental targets. Renaud Foucart, a senior economics lecturer at Lancaster University in England, points to the European Green Deal as a major source of tension. The deal aims to introduce measures including a tax on carbon, pesticide bans, nitrogen emissions curbs and restrictions on water and land usage. Foucart says farmers are trying to postpone the regulations of the Green Deal for as long as possible. “So they want to further postpone any attempt to tax carbon, any attempt to reduce pesticides.”

  • China punish whole Argentina after Lionel Messi showed 'lack of respect