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  • Craig Wright claims to have used std:chrono in 2007

    Wright's lies continue to be of another realm, far away the land of the believable. My favorite today was the anachronisms in "his" C++ code. How could he have used std:chrono in 2007 (or so) when it only came out in 2011, as part of C++ 11? Oh, it wasn't the C++ 11 feature, see, he worked on Project Chrono and they put everything in the std namespace, see. He actually found a real project by that name, but their code is of course not structured like that – it wouldn't even be valid.

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  • Democrats Turn On Each Other Over Crime in D.C. - POLITICO

    They’re raising money, circulating petitions and planning door-knocking strategies in the name of a recall campaign against the D.C. councilmember they blame for the city’s shocking wave of homicides, carjackings and robberies.

    That wave made national news last week after the death of Mike Gill, a former Trump administration official and the rare political type who kept a hand in both Company-Town Washington and Hometown D.C., where he’d been the GOP member of the city’s election board. Gill was shot while waiting to pick up his wife from her office on downtown’s busy K Street, the first victim in a carjacking spree that left three dead and ended with a police shooting of the alleged gunman in suburban Maryland.

    The rampage itself was atypical: Police said they believed the assailant was having a mental-health crisis, not actually trying to steal cars. But the slaying of a beloved father of three from the political universe put local crime on the radar of even more people who don’t usually follow metro news. Many of them, recall advocates said, soon contributed to the recall campaign, which had started raising money just a couple weeks earlier.

    The target of the campaigners’ ire is a fellow Democrat named Charles Allen, the councilmember most associated with championing the force reductions, budget cuts and new transparency rules that followed the 2020 murder of George Floyd. As it happens, Allen represents D.C.’s Ward 6, which includes Mercado’s Capitol Hill home and houses a hefty number of others with day jobs in national politics.

    • All those stories re-assuring us crime rates were way down were about as real as all the "The economy is wonderful!!1" stories.
  • Persistent Speeders in D.C. Could Have Limiters Installed on Their Cars for Life

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  • Retired officers, enlisted members can rejoin active duty to offset personnel shortfalls

    Applications must be submitted by Jan. 31, 2026, and the program allows up to 1,000 retired officer or enlisted personnel to active duty at any given time. Additionally, under this VRRAD program, the period of active duty service is limited to no more than 48 months. Personnel will only fill vacant active duty authorizations. Retired officer applicants are limited to Line of the Air Force commissioned officers retired in the grade of captain through lieutenant colonel. Retired enlisted applicants are limited to members retired in the grade of staff sergeant through senior master sergeant.

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