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  • Why the Department of Justice Wants to Take Down Apple

    there is a darker agenda here. It’s about bringing new media into the government propaganda fold, exactly as Psaki threatened. Apple is a main distributor of podcasts in the country and world, just behind Spotify (which is foreign controlled). There are 120 million podcast listeners in the US, far more than pay attention to regime media in total. If the ambition is to control the public mind, something must be done to get those under control. It’s not enough just to nationalize Facebook and Google. If the purpose is to end free speech as we know it, they have to go after podcasting too, using every tool that is available.


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  • Barcelona’s famous Sagrada Familia will finally be completed in 2026 | CNN

    The Sagrada Familia in Barcelona will finally be finished in 2026, more than 140 years after construction started, officials have confirmed. “The Chapel of the Assumption is expected to be finished in 2025 and the tower of Jesus Christ, in 2026,” the Sagrada Familia said in a statement announcing the publication of its 2023 annual report.

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  • Tiny Corp Changes Course Yet Again With Plans To Offer AMD Radeon GPUs - Phoronix

    Overnight George Hotz' Tiny Corp tweeted:

    A hard to find "umr" repo has turned around the feasibility of the AMD tinybox. It will be a journey, but it gives us an ability to debug. We're going to sell both, red for $15k and green for $25k. When you realize your preorder you'll choose your color. Website has been updated. If you like to tinker and feel pain, buy red. The driver still crashes the GPU and hangs sometimes, but we can work together to improve it.

    due to discovering the UMR debugger, they've been able to better deal with some of the Radeon GPU issues they're encountering. UMR may not be marketed well and thus perhaps harder to find, but it's hardly something new. Seven years ago already I wrote about AMD open-sourcing their UMR debugger and since that 2017 debut I have covered more of their UMR debugging improvements for this user-space AMD graphics debugger for Linux. AMD engineers continue developing UMR and it remains open-source, just it perhaps need to be better promoted for developers.

  • (2002) 3Mb Ethernet and Holy Wars

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