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  • Jonathan Turley on the MSM, American's state media - The New Neo

    I have one disagreement with Turley, which is that the MSM is not a state media, it’s a party media. When a Democrat is in office, the MSM blocks anything bad about that person and the Democratic Party, and tries to turn it around to make Republicans look bad. But when a Republican is in office, it is the opposite. So the MSM swings back and forth between supporting the administration and working to undermine it, depending on which party is in power.

    In the USSR, the newspapers were state media because only one party, the Communist Party, was allowed to be in power. In the US, there is still ostensibly the possibility of the right gaining power, so we have this back-and-forth by the media depending on who is in power. Make no mistake about it, though; the goal is to cement the power of the left so that the right can never win again. At that point, the MSM will become the voluntary state media.

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