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  • Progressive Attitudes Towards Sex Are Pretty Damn Incoherent Right Now.

    It’s not just that the arguments for “no sex in movies” are unconvincing to me. It’s that I don’t even believe that the people making them are convinced by them. Instead I think that it’s pure visceral emotion being sold as actual argument - most of these people are simply scared of sex. They find it icky and frightening. The good news is that they are of course free to avoid sex in their own lives, to whatever degree they choose. The trouble is that they want to consume pop culture and, because sex is a big of life and narrative art must be free to depict all elements of human experience, they often find themselves confronted with the existence of sex in movies and TV. And it appears that, because they’ve been brought up in a social and political environment that has taught them that their momentary psychic comfort is the only thing that matters, they assume that all of the rest of us have to accept sexless and sanitized movies and television.

    Here’s the thing that’s really frying my noodle: this is all happening against a backdrop of an endlessly-mushrooming sex industry, driven by OnlyFans and the broader world of pro-am pornography, along with widespread support for sex workers and their rights within the broad world of progressive politics. I mean this both generally (progressive people tend to support sex work and the people making the case against sex scenes are progressives) and specifically (you can search in the feeds of specific people and find that they are both passionately opposed to sex scenes and passionately supportive of sex work.) In other words, there appears to be a lot of people out there who think that paying people to simulate sex on camera is wrong, but paying people to actually have sex is fine. This is, I would put it to you, not a position that can be made coherent.

    What’s important though is that these dueling positions stem from values, from principle, from argument. In the internet era, I’m afraid, those things are getting rarer and rarer. The way that political attitudes have tended to spread, whether right or left, has been mimetically, via social contagion - you log onto your app of choice and you see what everybody else thinks and you want to think that way too, for fear of being unpopular or uncool.

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  • A leak-hosting site looks to thaw the chill of censorship

    For Emma Best, the co-founder of a leak-hosting site called Distributed Denial of Secrets, or DDoSecrets, seeing Reuters remove its story reinforced her desire to launch what would become the Greenhouse Project—a special section of the DDoSecrets site devoted to publishing and distributing news stories that have been censored. DDoSecrets—which in the past had a server seized in Germany and was once erroneously labeled a “criminal hacker group” by the US Department of Homeland Security—sees the Greenhouse Project as part of its broader mission to ensure the free transmission of data in the public interest by making itself a “publisher of last resort.” It chose the name because it hopes to create a “warming effect to reverse the chilling effects of censorship.”

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  • Dems use the legal system to target the right — yet give the left a pass

    As law professor Jonathan Turley noted in these pages, the New York statute in question has never been used this way before: “Even The New York Times agreed that it could not find a single case in history where this statute was used against an individual or a company that did not commit a criminal offense, go bankrupt, or leave financial victims.” Nothing says “rule of law” like custom-made forms of liability designed for a single hated defendant.

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