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  • Alex Jones Says Infowars Could Be Shut Down Within Hours

    In what he described as an "emergency broadcast" on Saturday, conspiracy theorist Alex Jones claimed that his far-right news company, Infowars', studios in Austin, Texas, might be shut down by federal authorities soon. "This is going to be Infowars' last show, because I learned yesterday that they were going to padlock the door and kick us out last night," Jones said while on Infowars on Saturday. Jones said that he spotted "guards looking at me weird" at the entrance of the Infowars building and believed that his company was going to be shut down.

  • Y Combinator CEO boosts 'Soros' conspiracy theory

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  • TikTok users being fed misleading election news, BBC finds

  • AI-Generated Fake News Is Coming to an Election Near You

  • EU: Users who refuse scanning to be prevented from sharing photos and links

    According to the latest draft regulation dated 28 May (Council document 9093/24), which is presented as “upload moderation”, users of apps and services with chat functions are to be asked whether they accept the indiscriminate and error-prone scanning and possibly reporting of their privately shared images, photos and videos. Previously unknown images and videos are also to be scrutinised using “artificial intelligence” technology. If a user refuses the scanning, they would be blocked from sending or receiving images, photos, videos and links (Article 10). End-to-end encrypted services such as Whatsapp or Signal would have to implement the automated searches “prior to transmission” of a message (so-called client-side scanning, Article 10a). The initially proposed scanning of text messages for indications of grooming, which is hardly being used to date, is to be scrapped, as is the scanning of voice communication, which has never been done before. Probably as a concession to France, the chats of employees of security authorities and the military are also to be exempted from chat control.

  • Iran’s PressTV, Russian outlets paid U.S. contributors who also run Grayzone - The Washington Post

    Hacked emails and other documents from the Iranian government-funded Press TV show payments of thousands of dollars to a writer who is now a Washington-based editor for Grayzone, whose founder regularly appears on Russian television and once accepted a trip to Moscow for a celebration of Russian state-controlled video network RT that featured Vladimir Putin. Misinformation experts say the overlap in funding underscores concern that the spread of falsehoods and propaganda online is entering a more complicated stage as the November election draws closer.

  • Russia takes gold for disinformation as Olympics approach

  • Feds Indict Far-Right Media Exec in Massive Money Laundering Scheme

    Bill Guan, the chief financial officer of the far-right Epoch Times, was indicted Monday on charges of allegedly participating in a massive money laundering scheme. The charges do not relate to the Media Company’s newsgathering activities.

    From at least in or about 2020, through in or about May 2024, GUAN, while working as the Chief Financial Officer of a multinational media company headquartered in New York, New York (the “Media Company”), conspired with others to participate in a sprawling, transnational scheme to launder at least approximately $67 million of illegally obtained funds to bank accounts in the names of the Media Company and related entities (together, with the Media Company, the “Media Entities”). In furtherance of the money laundering conspiracy, GUAN managed, among other teams, the Media Company’s “Make Money Online” team (the “MMO Team”), which was located in a particular foreign office of the Media Company. Under GUAN’s management, members of the MMO Team and others used cryptocurrency to knowingly purchase tens of millions of dollars in crime proceeds, including proceeds of fraudulently obtained unemployment insurance benefits, that had been loaded onto tens of thousands of prepaid debit cards. The crime proceeds were generally purchased by the scheme participants, including members of the MMO Team and others working with them, using a particular cryptocurrency platform, at discounted rates of approximately 70 to 80 cents per dollar, and in exchange for cryptocurrency.

    Once the crime proceeds were purchased, the MMO Team and other participants in the scheme used stolen personal identification information to open accounts, including prepaid debit card accounts, cryptocurrency accounts, and bank accounts, that were used to transfer the crime proceeds into bank accounts associated with the Media Entities. After the crime proceeds reached those bank accounts, they were often further laundered through other bank accounts held by the Media Entities, GUAN’s personal bank accounts, and through GUAN’s personal cryptocurrency accounts.

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  • Donald Trump Could Weaponize US Surveillance in a Second Term (Archive)

    Donald Trump, a now convicted felon and the presumptive 2024 Republican presidential nominee, has said he plans to prosecute his political opponents should he return to the White House. He’s said he would allow states to monitor pregnant women and prosecute those who seek abortions. Trump wants to deport millions of undocumented immigrants. He plans to invoke the Insurrection Act to quell civil unrest, which means sending the military into the streets. The much publicized Project 2025 outlines how he would quickly replace thousands of career civil servants in the federal government with loyalists. If a president was interested in prosecuting their political opponents, crushing protests, targeting undocumented immigrants, and had the right people in place to help them carry out those plans, surveillance could become a valuable tool for accomplishing those goals. Like former US president Richard Nixon in the late 1960s and early 1970s, Trump could use the surveillance powers available to him to monitor his political opponents, disrupt protest movements, and more.

  • Trump's attacks on US justice system after guilty verdict encourage Putin, other autocrats: experts

    Hill and other analysts say Trump’s attacks could be useful to Putin and other autocrats as they look to boost their standing among their own citizens, potentially sway the upcoming US presidential election in which Trump is the presumptive Republican nominee, and undermine the United States’ global influence.

  • Why is a group of billionaires working to re-elect Trump?

  • Rand Paul Warns Of “War In The Streets” Coming From Trump Verdict - modernity

    The Senator responded that it is “a sad day in America,” adding “what I worry about is something even bigger than Donald Trump.” “I worry about strife. I worry about war in the streets. I worry about 50 percent of the public believing that the court system will be used against them,” Paul further urged. “I worry when half the country thinks they won’t be treated fairly, what happens and how people react,” the Senator continued.

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  • HN Jobs:

  • Consumer Electronics Control

    HDMI has become the USB of home theater, and I mean that as a compliment and an insult. So, like USB, HDMI comes in a confusing array of versions with various mandatory, optional, and extension features. The capabilities of HDMI vary by the devices on the ends, and in an increasing number of cases, even by the specific port you use on the device. HDMI actually comes to this degree of complexity more honestly than USB. USB started out as a fairly pure and simple serial link, and then more use-cases were piled on, culminating in the marriage of two completely different interconnects (USB and Thunderbolt) in one physical connector. HDMI has always been a Frankenstein creation. At its very core, HDMI is "DVI plus some other things with a smaller connector."

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