• Woman Made Her Home Inside a Grocery Store's Rooftop Sign, Police Say

  • The world’s economic order is breaking down

    politicians appear wedded to deglobalisation, which they see as a means to secure a slice of “the industries of the future”. Narendra Modi, who is about to be re-elected as India’s prime minister, is spending vast sums on a “production-linked incentives” scheme to boost its share of global manufacturing. China’s leaders, meanwhile, are spending a fortune to strengthen their country’s position as the global leader in clean energy and electric vehicles. Donald Trump, who may win a second term as America’s president in November, is mulling a 60% tariff on all Chinese goods. He may well revive an old threat to quit the WTO altogether. Joe Biden, the incumbent, is only slightly better. He is convinced that subsidies can turn a services-dominated economy back into a manufacturing powerhouse. The EU, for its part, wants the WTO to allow space for industrial policy in future trade deals. At the same time tensions between the West and China make economic warfare ever more likely, even as they reduce the chance of meaningful reform to global institutions. As deglobalisation gathers pace, its true costs are likely to become clear.

  • Solar Storm Knocks Out Farmers' Tractor GPS Systems During Peak Planting Season

  • San Francisco is giving taxpayer-funded shots of vodka to homeless alcoholics in $5m program organizers claim 'improves participants' health' | Daily Mail Online

    The City of San Francisco is handing out bottles of beer, glasses of wine and shots of vodka to homeless alcoholics - and spending $5m a year on the program. The alcoholic drinks are served by nurses as part of the city's 'managed alcohol program', which has been running for four years, as a way of taking care of vulnerable homeless people. The program is designed to curb the amount of alcohol homeless people drink. It still allows them some, but in a more managed way, in the hope of curbing their addiction in a controlled manner.

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  • Wall Street regulator moves to ban election betting, escalating fight over new market - POLITICO

    For more than a decade, the CFTC has rejected applications to offer day traders, political junkies and sophisticated investors the chance to bet on elections including for the White House, Congress and even some local contests. But the regulator is now moving to send its strongest message yet that election betting has no place in its markets. “Contracts involving political events ultimately commoditize and degrade the integrity of the uniquely American experience of participating in the democratic electoral process,” CFTC Chair Rostin Behnam said. “Allowing these contracts would push the CFTC, a financial market regulator, into a position far beyond its Congressional mandate and expertise. To be blunt, such contracts would put the CFTC in the role of an election cop.”

  • GOP Rep Goes on Bonkers KKK Rant in Closed-Door Meeting: Report

    Rep. Scott Perry (R-PA) told lawmakers in a private briefing Tuesday that the Ku Klux Klan is “the military wing of the Democratic Party,” CNN reported, citing an audio recording of his comments. “The KKK in modern times, a lot of young people think somehow it’s a right-wing organization when it is the military wing of the Democratic Party: decidedly, unabashedly, racist and antisemitic,” Perry said. A subject of the Department of Justice’s Jan. 6 investigation, Perry also said that the “great replacement theory,” the conspiracy theory that white Americans are intentionally being replaced by minorities, was “real.” “What is happening now is we’re importing people into the country that want to be in America … but have no interest in being Americans, and that’s very different and to disparage the comments is to chill the conversation so that we can continue to bring in more people that we never met that are un-American.” In a statement to CNN after learning his comments had leaked, Perry accused “the radical Left” of “twist[ing] facts” about what he said.

  • Bernie Sanders calls for income over $1B to be taxed at 100%

  • I Spent a Year Living Under the Original Interpretation of the Constitution